Eyelash growth booster - BEAUTYLASH

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Did you know...Now you can your lashes in only 6 weeks to 3 mm to grow, and that quite naturally and wise! The BeautyLash Eyelash growth booster makes it possible! Your Eyelash growth serum for longer and thicker eyelashes. Dermatologically tested! Now save and order!

The facts
  •  up to 75% longer lashes after 6 weeks
  •  the impact and compatibility has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies
  •  strengthens the lashes and lends new volume
  •  contains a highly efficient mix of active ingredient for healthy and beautiful eyelashes
  •  by bio-available key active ingredient, they get a compelling results
  •  for beginners to perform safely and easily
  •  from the Traditionshause GW cosmetics
  •  Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested and free of Prost amide, paraben and fragrance
So apply the product

Apply the serum once a day, in the evening on after the cleansing of the face, like an eyeliner on the upper and lower lash approach. A stroke is sufficient. The effectiveness of this product is based on the regular application over several weeks. After 6-8 weeks will have a significantly longer, denser and stronger your eyelashes. Will the treatment is discontinued, suspends the effect. Do you want to receive the new length to your lashes, a continuous use is recommended. The results obtained may vary depending on individual metabolism. Therefore also a more frequent application or the application of a larger amount may be necessary to achieve the desired effect. The BeautyLash Eyelash growth booster is suitable also to fill in sparse eyebrows or bald patches.   The BeautyLash Eyelash growth booster can be applied also for the application on the eyebrows. Easy to apply on the sparse or bald areas. 1 bottle is enough for 4 to 5 months for daily use on the upper and lower eyelid.

The secret lies in the Caribbean coral Plexaura homomella

In the ocean is the source of all life and growth. In its depths, he presents a fascinating and sophisticated underwater world with hundreds of thousands of sea creatures and organisms. For decades, scientists from all over the world engaged in the study of these organisms and the fact occurring bioactive substances. Many of the findings are already successfully used in medicine and cosmetics. The functioning of the BeautyLash Eyelash growth booster is based on this knowledge. The active ingredient of Black Sea Rod Oil, which Of course homomella is found in the coral Plexaura, enabled proven Eyelash growth.  

Mode of action of BeautyLash Eyelash growth booster

In each hair follicle alternated periods of growth, the transition and the failure in rhythmic sequence. These operations are called hair cycle. This hair cycle can be affected by substances proven positive. Here is the BeautyLash Eyelash growth booster.

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