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A revitalizing shower gel for an intensive skin care and shaping effects for the silhouette

Let the day begin – with a shower gel that pleasantly combines intensive skin care and shaping effects for the silhouette. A complex of active plant ingredients, algae, caffeine and vitamins activates the cells of the skin and improves its microcirculation.

With every shower, the caring ingredients supply moisture, protect the skin against drying out, and make it receptive for further care products.

The fruity, floral fragrance with a sandalwood base inspires the senses. A hint of menthol provides the freshness kick afterwards.


Apply to the damp skin, lather, and rinse off as normal. Ideal as preparation for further care products.

Main active ingredients

Betaine, caffeine, complex of five plants (horse chestnut, sweet clover, butcher’s broom, ivy, southernwood) and brown algae (fucus vesiculosus), menthol, complex of five vitamins (E, C, B3, B5, B6), panthenol

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