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Silky-light serum for more radiance. bioactive complex gives the skin a radiant and healthy complexion

The silky, light care sensation for new radiance. A bioactive complex of plant lipids, such as phytosterols, glycerides and unsaturated fatty acids, made from canola oil, increases the skin’s radiance*, giving the complexion a beautiful, healthy glow. These important lipids smooth the skin’s surface, thus minimising fine wrinkles, and make the skin velvety-soft. A complex of four blossoms from primula, violet, eyebright extract and silk tree extract soothes the skin and makes it soft and supple.
Panthenol stimulates cell renewal and therefore gives the skin new radiance, while optimising the moisture supply to the skin over a prolonged period. In addition, hyaluronic acid improves moisture levels, stores moisture and alleviates irritation. The complexion looks soft and supple, smoother, plumper and fresher.                         
* 85 % of participants stated that their skin was full of radiance after application and had a new lustre.


This precious serum with a pleasant gel texture is the ideal base for all creams in the PRECIOUS range – both for the lighter and for the richer textures. Apply in the morning after cleansing and before applying the day cream.

Main active ingredients

A bioactive complex and complex of four blossoms, vitamin E, soya phospholipids, panthenol and hyaluronic acid

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