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A lash-lengthening mascara with a "wow" effect ! Excellent durability and stimulation of lash growth

Mascara with growth-stimulating active ingredients and an anti-ageing effect.
A glamorous mascara with a lash-lengthening beauty formula and an anti-ageing effect for visible results. Used daily, it makes the eyelashes grow by an average of around 1 mm per month and gives more body to their structure.
Exclusive active ingredients, such as vitamin-enriched biotinoyl tripeptide-1, stimulate lash growth, increase volume, and promote cell renewal. The silky-soft, creamy emulsion gently envelops the lashes, gives them lustre and softness, and makes them supple. The mascara offers excellent adherence, keeps the eyelashes in place and gives them shape, while intensifying expression – for an irresistible look.
Main active ingredients: Vitamin-enriched biotinoyl tripeptide-1


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